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Only approved if Verizon builds out FiOS for everyone

by 2013.

Otherwise, forget about it. Reject this deal like it's hot.

Verizon wants to find a cop out excuse to discontinue building FiOS, and this deal is a perfect exit strategy.

Every time that quarter report arrives, Verizon will argue that people want wireless connections since their DSL numbers are dwindling even though the real reason is Verizon is not willing to go head to head to compete with cable companies. Putting money in FiOS and offering a competitive price structure is the real strategy, but since corporations are people, arguing your way out and paying others is American business.

Absolutely slimy move.



Hey, who doesn't want 10 gigs of so so LTE speeds for $80.



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Law official: What is this deal going to do?

Verizon/Comcast: Going to offer lower prices for all customers in the tough economy, and therefore, businesses can create jobs.

Law official: OK! I don't understand what tech does, but since you used keywords to make it sound good, you get the carrot.



Says pro-consumer.

Raises prices every year.



Yep. Every single ad from Oil, Coal, CTIA lobbying mentions that they will magically create millions of jobs.


Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
·Verizon FiOS

said by Telco:

Yep. Every single ad from Oil, Coal, CTIA lobbying mentions that they will magically create millions of jobs.

Absent from their pro industry ads is lowering prices and doing right by the consumer. This is the NEW normal in recent years Comcast and AT&T who have the MOST foot-print overlap have colluded to keep prices high and innovation low. How can you expect anything different between an alliance with Comcast and Verizon. IMHO, Comcast is playing the telcos for a fool as they must have some grand scheme to screw the consumer AND the telcos at the same time. We just don't know EXACTLY what it is yet..


reply to Telco

Any WISP can due LTE speeds without caps for $80 dollars if they really wanted to.


Weirton, WV
reply to HaloFans

the real reason is verizon is selling off it's dsl areas to smaller companies like fairpoint and frontier, who have no intention or ability to keep the infrastructure up to date.

Trogglus normalus

Chicago, IL
reply to HaloFans

Force verizon to build out fios for buying wireless spectrum??? really??

They just need to force verizon to actually develop the wireless spectrum they are buying instead of sitting on it.
Also it would not hurt to ban all caps on wireless.


·Verizon FiOS
reply to HaloFans

That would be a great stipulation.

"Sure, you can partner with the cable co's, as long as FiOS reaches every inch of your wireline footprint. OH, and that includes TV franchises as well."

Youll see how quick Comcast & Time Warner withdraws from the deal !



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reply to Oh_No

They arent simply BUYING SPECTRUM, why dont you wake up. If it was just a spectrum purchase , it wouldnt be as big a deal.

My views are my own.

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reply to tmc8080

Does anyone REALLY think that Comcast has any desire to offer wireless service? Let's not forget the past. Comcast was a wireless carrier. Comcast has tried, and failed, on several occasions to offer a wireless service. Each wireless venture turned out to be such a joke of an offering that the consumer realized they could get a better deal on their own. Comcast has often sold the quad play as "one combined bill".. and surprise!! .. not everyone likes to drop a lot of money in one spot. (ie: all eggs in one basket) Many people have learned that while these resellers offer verizon's service, you usually can't just leave Comcast, in this case, and jump to Verizon with out starting a new contract as a new customer.

Over the years people have learned what a joke reseller agreements really are. Qwest resold Sprint service for a while, that didn't go well for them. They dumped Sprint and moved to Verizon. I really don't think it's the greatest thing either for Qwest, now CL.

I think Comcast is just selling the spectrum off to Verizon for a profit, putting up the front that they're going to sell combined service, and in about a year, at best, those who foolishly subscribed with Comcast's new friend, formerly a foe, will get the familiar letter, something of:

Dear Valued Subscriber,

We're dumping Verizon service. you're welcome to migrate directly to Verizon, and in fact we'll make it easy for you! ... you're now a Verizon customer!


Richer for the Deal

I'm seriously trying to figure out why comcast wants to get into wireless. They've talked about it for YEARS! And a comapny the size of comcast, with all the money they have, seriously can't figure out their way into wireless? I see Comcast's desire to be a wireless option about the same as the way AT&T made my iPhone 4S a 4G phone over night with a small update - it's just a "we have to be part of the parade" kinda thing.

But I really believe that this is just a shell operation to transfer spectrum to Verizon with out the pesky FCC getting in the way.

If I were congress, I'd require that if they want this deal that bad, then Verizon Telco and Verizon Wireless need to got the way of AT&T et 1984.. split 'em up! AT&T should have been split up in the same way when they wanted Tmo, and when they merged with Bell South. Either regulate them again, or split up their operations. Split 'em up and see how fast the land line business starts to innovate in order to survive with out the cash cow of the wireless.


·Verizon FiOS

Split 'em up and see how fast the land line business starts to innovate in order to survive with out the cash cow of the wireless.
Ding Ding Ding , we have a winner !

The most sensible deal is for VZW to go team up with the cable co's, and for AT&T to * gulp* merge with VZwireline AND adopt FiOS as its new love-child.

Aside from a small amount of wholesale lines inherited when SBC bought AT&T and Verizon bought MCI, these companies do NOT compete. Their wireline areas do not cross anywhere except one lucky town in Texas that can get either FioS OR Uverse.