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Broadway, NC
reply to FFH5

Re: Forget public, private anything

said by FFH5:

said by coldmoon:

Trying to put this into the framework of a Hobson's choice is a major part of the problem and why nothing is getting done.

I say do it all and then reap the rewards later

...there is too much "i want my profit NOW!" going on when investors should stop being hyperactive and start focusing on the long term...

And that is why the US deficit is so huge and why our nation will be facing the same kind of bankruptcy that Greece and other EU countries are going thru. You can't keep spending 50% more than the government is taking in and have your economy survive.

No, the problem isn't on spending, it's what it's being spent on. We should cut the military budget by at least half and downsize the entire military as well as bring all the troops home and put them to work on the infrastructure upgrades through both public and private projects.

Until you face the fact that there is no longer any reason to spend the way we have been doing on faceless fears and "it could happen" scenarios that play to those whose agenda is to not only continue the spending, but to keep growing that spending; things will only get worse...
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