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No-BHELL-ity DOES have its Advantages
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reply to jfmezei

Re: START has a Discussion Forum at DSLR !

said by jfmezei:

Went to the "Forums" page. Clicked on the "Ad Hoc Forums" "box".

It took me to:

»(board category #1 no longer exists)

And neither ebox nor start are listed there.

I just ran your test myself.

Indeed there is a list of companies there, but it is very incomplete.

When I was initially trying to help get the other 'Short-List' constructed earlier this year, I also noticed that same list as you did, and ignored it (really ignored ) after one of the Mods showed me the 'Rolodex' and how to get THERE - I had stumbled upon THAT once before when looking at reviews.

Even the 'Rolodex' has a few omissions, as well as likely many more outdated records.

I dunno exactly how all of the databases used by DSLR are structured and linked, but from the Rolodex and a few more individual entries, we DID manage the get the new 'Short-List' happening and THAT is the one which I'm trying to promote, and it is accessible from the CBB forum front page as I posted earlier.


We have only 2 things about which to worry -
(1) That things will never get back to normal
(2) That they already HAVE !
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