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Retentions/Upgrade/Ultimate: Full Report

I'm just outside of St. Thomas in a suburb that was one of the last areas to get cable internet. Because of that we also got all the latest equipment. My Rogers has always been as fast or faster than advertized and we've never had any of the neighborhood congestion issues. Back when the unspoken cap was at 20 gigs I used to do 100 to 200 gigs a month. When the cap started at 100 gigs with a $20 penalty I used to save all my downloads and go on a 500 to 1000 gig spree every three months or so. Never a peep out of Rogers.

Only once was my internet down and the Rogers guy was here same day, and that was New Years Day!

Hence my loyalty to Rogers.

I've been cruising on an original grandfathered Extreme account since the split into tiers. I've wanted to upgrade but the price is out of line and I knew I'd be better with Tech Savy but never got around to doing anything about it.

I have my main house with Cable and Internet, three Iphone packages and another house with Cable and internet all linked to my one account. This likely helps when I try to dicker with Rogers, I always get the best deals on my phones and packages.

Today I called the main Rogers number, then routed to "Internet" then routed to "Cancel my Internet". I only spoke to the person that first answered, I never transferred or asked for retentions, although that was likely who I was speaking to.

I told her I was going to leave Rogers because I primarily needed more bandwidth. I could get the same speed with unlimited for the same as I'm already paying.

She first went on about some kind of 30% off bundle and I didn't pay much attention and prompted her about Ultimate at 70% off which she had to leave me on hold and check into. She then came back and verified I could have the Ultimate package at 70% off including modem rental.

She then switched me over and told me she was putting me in for a new modem which I could pick up at the Rogers store in town within five days. I was already on the new plan. When I plug in the new modem and it registers with the network the system will commence the speed increase.

I have to keep my TV cable account with Rogers for the two year duration of the 70% off program.

I went down to the St. Thomas Rogers store where they have really good, knowledgeable staff. He looked me up on the system, we discussed the SMC vs. Cisco modems. He strongly recommended the Cisco (which I already wanted). He said just plug it in and it'll fire right up with no formality. He mentioned the thumb drive having the Cisco setup on it.

When I got home I noticed my internet was down. He never mentioned this although it made sense my old modem would be off if the new one was going to be instant on without calling to switch it over.

I have my modem in the laundry room right at the cable ingress point. From there I have my WAN cable running to my downstairs office/radio room where I have a Cisco router doling out to four wired PCs, plus all the wireless devices. So for today I left things as is and just ran "straight through" the modem as it was. I'll have to decide whether to leave it this way or move the modem in here and use it as a router. The Cisco router is gigabyte on all ports so it shouldn't slow me down any. I also like to have the modem away from my radios in case of any RF issues.

I plugged in the new Rogers Cisco modem, power cycled the router and had instant internet with everything default. I was going to just let it slide but figured I'd better go into set up and shut off the wireless and change the log in. Maybe turn off the router function although it was already working fine doing "double nat" as is.

I plugged in the thumb drive and ran the setup and it couldn't find my modem, I'm assuming because the router was in the way. It must have some kind of a "assume the first hop is the modem" and was trying to log on to the wrong piece.

I was just about to get on this forum and try and find the modem's IP when I saw the back side of the "Get Started" sheet has an "Advanced users" bit with the default IP,

I logged on, changed the username and password, shut the wireless off and changed the mode from router to bridge. The modem rebooted, I power cycled the router and I was back online everything fine.

Everything was fine except the modem's IP was changed with the mode change. I tried the "reset" button on the modem and it didn't work (didn't reset the modem to default but only rebooted it). I got on here and found a post from several days ago with my exact problem and saw the new IP would be Logged in just to check it out and it worked.

I checked my account at Rogers dot com and saw I was now Ultimate with a 250 gig cap although I didn't see any mention of my 70% off deal, but I'll see on next month's bill.


Most of the speed tests I have tried crap out from either hitting the wall or in some cases the flash or java crashes! The Rogers speed test and some of the better U.S speed tests like the closer Speakeasy servers show me at around 70mbs. My various internal network tools actually show me most of the time around 50 or 60mbs but frequently swinging over 100mbs!

Anyways I'm a happy camper now. Hope this answers any questions on how to get the 70% off deal anyone might have.