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« Bundles suck
This is a sub-selection from Duh!

Kevin Bryan

Scotland, CT
reply to StuartMW

Re: Duh!

said by StuartMW:

I do bundle my internet and TV services and (really) get $5 off/month. Not a lot but I researched that offer, looking for "tricks", before I signed up for it.

I get your point, however, price is not the bottom line for all of us. I might want to get the Economy TV package with Comcast for $40, sign up with 3.0 mbps DSL service with an independent, local DSL provider that provides great service for $50, and pay Ma Bell $10 for POTS phone service at a per minute rate (a requirement for the independent DSL service), and be very happy with that $100 "bundle" that I made on my own. Someone could tell me that they get way more from Comcast for $100 (HD box extra of course). Myself and I'm sure others on here alike prefer the freedom of making up our own unbundled bundle.

Who Is John Galt?
Galt's Gulch
said by Kevin Bryan:

I get your point, however, price is not the bottom line for all of us.

It wasn't for me either. I already had the TV service (for 16+years) when I relocated and had to find a new ISP. Bundling the two was more of a convenience (of only having one bill). The $5 saving was a bonus.

CenturyLink is constantly bombarding me with offers to bundle phone service. Instead I use a MagicJack, which although not perfect, suits my needs at a far lower cost.
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