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[Other] Belkin N150 & PS3

OK, I've set up my Belkin N150, created a SSID and a password in my router settings.

I go to connect the PS3...choose scan, but I do not see my SSID name from the list of choices...so I enter it in....enter my key password (the one I used on the Belkin site router setup) and when it "tests" for the connection it fails saying it can't read the connection....and something about entering in wrong SSID? But it's not even there to chose from....?

I'm so damn lost...I've followed online tutorials but no luck.

Is this Belkin N150 a POS?

It's sitting on the floor in my bedroom...should I try and get it as close to my PS3 as possible? It's only 7-8' ft away with a wall or two in the way.

Light Will Pierce The Darkness
Nepean, ON
How many other wireless networks are operating within range of your N150 .... If you have more than 6 wireless networks showing up then you will need to adjust the channel selection --- which by default is set to Auto --- try either channel 1,6 0r 11. Make sure to reboot your N150 after making each channel change. If this does not help you then you may need to get a different wireless router that delivers a much stronger signal.
David Mozer
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