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reply to dmeyer6

Re: Bundles suck

said by dmeyer6:

$89/mo is kinda high for an internet + digital TV bundle. And it's pretty deceptive because they don't include the taxes and fees for the cable box, modem, etc.

It is? Basic is about $55 and internet is about $46. I'd say $11 off isn't a bad deal. What are you expecting?... a 50% break? Wait.. I need to keep reading.

For me, paying more than $45/mo to the telco/cableco is stupid. I get all the free TV channels with a UHF antenna and everything else I can get on Netflix or Torrent.

Well, you're going to pay more than $45 a month then because you're pretty much an internet-only customer and that's USUALLY not going to get you just internet at $45 a month. Interesting, though, that being your internet connection is giving you your web, email, music, TV, banking, multiple connections to the internet, etc,.. seems like the connection has a lot of value doesn't it?

Give me a la carte Cable TV and I might be willing to spend a few bucks more to watch the 3 or 4 cable channels I actually do like, such as Comedy Central and Discovery Networks.

I knew I needed to keep reading. It's never going to happen.. you're never going to be able to just spend "a few bucks more" and subscribe to a couple channels. The industry isn't set up for customers like you who just want a channel or what not.

... ahhh, to be young again.