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Satellite Beach, FL

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reply to Jeffrey

Re: "Wall Street punished us for investing in FIOS."

said by Jeffrey:

said by Tomek:

Companies are driven by profit. Investors want their low-tax income and care less.
I remember when verizon was defending FIOS push.
And now I can actually see the point. With the advent of mobile devices people are no longer connected at home.

We'll we're connected everywhere now, but if you asked me "Do you cancel your Fios or do you cancel your cell phone", I'm cancelling my cell phone. High speed internet connectivity in the home is extremely important to me.

Your comment shows just how out of touch Wall Street is. It's clear that you are willing to pay for both your Verizon Cell Phone AND your Verizon FIOS. Only a idiot or a Wall Streeter (sorry for the redundancy) would set up a situation were they receive one recurring revenue stream where they could have TWO.