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Louisville, CO

Does HughesNet do something strange to streams on port 80?

I have a PC located at a remote location that needs to play an MP3 stream in Shoutcast format streamed by Spacialnet.

The problem is that I can't start the stream on the remote end, (it's a 64K/44.1K sample rate joint stereo stream) even if I throttle the encoding down to 8K/Mono/8K sampling.

Windows Media Player complains the stream is in an "unknown format," Winamp complains of an "Error syncing to MPEG" and VLC and iTunes just kind of don't work.

On the other hand, I can play a Windows Media mms stream as well as MP3 streams located on non-standard ports, e.g. »netcast6.kfjc.org:8976 or »netcast4.kfjc.org:8974.

Is HughesNet doing something funky with streams coming over HTTP via port 80, and if so, can it be shut off on a customer by customer basis?

If not, I'm at a loss as to how to get the stream working on that remote machine as it's not like I can tell Spacialnet to use some other port.

Thanks in advance…