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Saint George, UT
reply to FloridaBoy

Re: "Wall Street punished us for investing in FIOS."

said by FloridaBoy:

said by S_engineer:

So anything that moves America forward, gets pushback from the new American aristocracy known as Wall Street. Chinese we come!

C'mon S, got to keep that stock price up!! Never mind a bigger payout later, we need cash now!!

Verizon took a big chance with FTTH, and they laid a lot of Fiber, but did you Guys buy it up? No, you want more competition and cheaper rates. Yes, Verizon is a Business and they need to make a profit to run this Business or they won't be around tomorrow. Verizon expansion may have stopped, but like any Business if you approach them with a sizable interest, I'm sure Verizon will listen.


Bradenton, FL
Actually, I did buy it up. I have been a Fios customer since '07.

However, if you don't upgrade and maintain your plant, how are you going to make money in the future?

Fios accounted for 6 Billion in Revenue for the fourth quarter. It accounted for over 20 billion last year in revenue for them. How is that a fail?? Most businesses would kill for that kind of revenue.

The only reason the landline side is hurting is because they have two networks to the same place. That would suck to have to maintain that kind of scenario.

Looking at the bigger picture
Many people bought it up. One only has to look at their yearly financial reports to see they are making a butt-load of money on FIOS. The reason they stopped the FIOS roll out is not because they weren't selling it... it was because they don't want to be a LEC anymore, they only want to be a (non-union) wireless company.


Weirton, WV
reply to alchav
how can i buy fios when verizon denied it to us then sold us to frontier thus ending any thought of seeing fiber here.