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I see
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Re: Moving to the Monterey Area...

Are you going to sign a lease with her?
Just a thought. Make sure you're protected.
It should be clear on what things you're responsible for, and what things are included in the lease. Put these on writing if you don't have the proper lease agreement.

And also, make it known to her that you can leave anytime without further obligations after you leave, aside from your monthly rent of course.

Renting room is great, saves you money while just familiarizing yourself with the new place.

Good luck.

Ach Du Lieber
Premium,ExMod 2002-05
Seaside, CA
Yes I asked her if she and I were going to set up our own agreement (nothing as intricate as what Sheldon from big bang theory would create lol) but something. And I asked her how she would want to handle my initial rent since I'd presumably be moving in on the 14th.

Still waiting on her response to my coming out tomorrow for a visit. I may have to call her when I get home instead of waiting for an email response. (Her # is on a prior email that already downloaded to my home machine)

- FM
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