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Toledo, OH
reply to Telco

Re: "Wall Street punished us for investing in FIOS."

what tools where given to the FCC in terms of the Internet and broadband? their studies? that's all they will be is studies. and nothing more. just lame "rules" that will NEVER be enforced. And wasted money on them.

FiOS was dead when the customer subscriber count was WELL BELOW what they even said it would be. Why would you want to spend that money and not get the customers to change over? Customers do NOT like change; and it has been proven over and over again; customers with more than 3 choices can NOT make a decision what they want to start off with. And you want someone to deploy on a national level- then you need to go tell Dane Jasper that his company needs to take on some debt and start building out; because after all he's not for America.