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Toledo, OH
reply to Telco

Re: "Wall Street punished us for investing in FIOS."

because the PUCs already are up the asses of ATT and Verizon. In Ohio they managed to get the PUC to strip away the Minm. Telephone Standards as long as a customer has "bundled services"- ie; long distance discounts, Internet, etc.

And when the Gov't starts managing the networks; we'll have our wonderful blogger and the rest of this following on here bitching about how the NSA is now able to obtain more and more data about you and it should be illegal. Well news flash- anything that goes over the Gov't networks; is the right of the Gov't to read, inspect and otherwise use. Gotta love the catch on that.

and the private sector does NOT want the network build any further is due to the former CEO promised up take would be higher than what it is. When actually everyone KNEW it would NOT be. Customers do NOT LIKE CHANGE. FiOS is not worth it for Internet with the higher speeds as other networks will NOT transfer you data that quick. So you pay for something you can NOT use. Pointless and waste of money.


said by 25139889:

Pointless and waste of money.

Maybe for someone out of Ohio but not for the rest of us - no offense. Then again, Ohio is the same state that doesn't want high speed public transportation either.


reply to 25139889
FIOS is an outstanding service. Nearly everyone I know has transferred to it. The performance and quality are a huge improvement over Time Warner.