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Sharing my Experience with iPage - Webhosting.


I just wanted to express and share my experience with you and then I would like to ask your advice on which web hosting.

I did a research on the "top web-hosting companies" at first and saw iPage within the list. So afterwards, I transfer a domain name to iPage and after this we backup a database located in another hosting company due to the fact that we also wanted to move the site to iPage.

The point is that then we wanted to import this 15 MB database into iPage but this process has been a pain. First, they actually limit the size to 8 MB max (import) so we had to ask technical support to do it for us (support ticket) after calling them many times. All calls are limited to 29 minutes and 58 seconds, and then you get disconnected (incredible but true). Some technical support folks try to do their best and some just don’t care.

I also had a domain name transfer from another web hosting provider to iPage and just because during the process I forgot to check the “purpose of my transferring” and after calling tech support asking for help, they had to do the process again and they charged my credit card twice (of course I was refunded). This is just a part I don’t want to go into *more* details.

Of course I want to drop iPage but, first I would like to know where should I Go? I was thinking on Blue Host? or what would you suggest?


Guys, Any opinion?


Huntsville, AL
It might help if you list your priorities in order. There are tons of hosting companies - some are cheap, some are reliable, some are easier to work with etc. I'd also list what your storage requirements are, monthly transfer requirements, any special server requirements you have, etc.

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Burlington, WI
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reply to margioa
It's usually best to find the smaller companies. In my experience smaller companies care about their customers and are usually willing to go the extra mile in helping their clients. I have some clients whom contact me on a daily basis just to chat with me and have been with me for over 5 years. Your best bet is to look around and maybe post a few details of what your looking for. Most hosts will even be willing to transfer your site for you free of charge so you don't have to do a single thing.
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