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San Jose, CA

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reply to BiggA

Re: future t mobile customer former att

said by BiggA:

The iPad looks like a better deal though, as Apple has forced carriers to have prepaid plans at reasonable prices, often much more so than prepaid phone SIMs. Throw it in my backpack, and I'll have my own hotspot. For countries where it's not possible to buy a local SIM, than XCOM global will be the way to go.

Until AT&T makes their international plan reasonable, I will be pulling my SIM when traveling outside the US so that those greedy bastards don't rip me off. Same for cruise ships, which I'm pretty sure are 100% hopeless for any kind of connectivity unless you're in a foreign port and can grab a local SIM.

As long as Ipad allows hotspot functionality ... I guess... Do all tablets allow?

Its not true Apple has forced all carriers. Maybe in the US. But not in Poland ( :P)


3 year contract for 500PLN for 110 a month. There are no prepaid plans there. 1 PLN = 0.319 USD. Thats like initial fee $160 and monthly fee $35. Thats expensive for Poland, considering the minimum wage in Poland is $450 a month, with average $1400. Average monthly rent for 1 bedroom apartment in Warsaw is half of that average!