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Frisco, TX

SGB6580 Bridge Issue, out of the blue

My SGB6580 has been working swimmingly as a bridge for the past year. I have it connected to a DIR-655. I woke up Friday without an internet connection. My DIR reports that I have an established connection with the modem, and all my modem lights look normal, yet I can't connect to the internet.

I call TWC and they say they indeed have been doing some work and should be wrapped up shortly. I go out of town and return tonight to no internet. Same issue, the DIR shows an established connection but no internet.

I reset the modem and connect manually. All the wireless connections work fine but the wired connections are taking FOREVER to get DHCP. I thought it might have been my switch so I go through the process of digging an old switch out of storage. Took me about 20 minutes. When I come back the DHCP has FINALLY taken and I have wired and wirless connections through the reset modem.

So now I set back into trying to get the bridge mode working. Go through the steps of NATP disable, DHCP disable, Wireless disable, Passthrough, etc.

SSDD. Connects through my DIR just fine but I can't access the internet.

I find it odd that it stopped working at the exact time they were messing with the network, now I can't get it working again.

So I really have two issues. 1.) I can't get bridge mode working, but show a connection in my router and TWC shows it connected on their side. 2.) when I switch out of bridge mode none of my wired connections get DHCP, or if they do it's only after 30-60 minutes.

Has anyone had similar issues?

Alfred, ME
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Possibly they updated the modems firmware with a new revision which reverted everything back? I am glad I got a D3 modem only so I do not have to deal or worry about this stuff.
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