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Lexington Park, MD

Metrocast watching your downloads?

I have a friend who said his internet went out the other day, and he called Metrocast to ask the about it and they said his service had been disconnected. According to him for torrenting movies. They even had the names. Two porn types and a commercial movie that I cannot remember. He doesn't torrent anything. He blamed his 19-yo stepson, who is the stoner/loser type. Although that is really irrelevant to the questions I have.

1. Will Metrocast disconnect you without warning? I didn't think so, but I'm not 100% sure.

2. According to his conversation with Metrocast they evidently keep track of what you do. Down to the names if files that you download. True or not?

What I think is the content owners contacted MC with a list of IP's that downloaded their stuff and that MC contacted my friend via mail that he assumed was junk and threw away. Alternatively he was on an IA for a year and the downloads and warnings all happened while he was gone.

I'm not so sure about now, but you may want to keep your eye on this thread.
»US ISPs become 'copyright cops' starting July 12
And yes, they are more than capable of of keeping track of your surfing habits. Whether they will of not, I don't know for sure. But I suspect if they see you're downloading a bunch of copyrighted material, or other illegal downloads, they may very well be aware of it, and even do something about it.


East Lyme, CT
reply to Craig8
Maybe one of the Metrocast reps will chime in, but this is my guess:

1) I don't think they will disconnect without warning, and it doesn't sound like they did in this case "he was on IA for a year and the downloads and warnings all happened while he was gone"

2) When someone participates in a torrent, you are automatically publicly sharing with anyone else who joins the torrent. So if the torrent is for a copyrighted movie, this means organizations like the MPAA can (sort of) see who you are in the torrent (by your IP). They can then issue a notice to your ISP and request action. They would likely include a list of infringing files, which would be easily obtained from the torrent.

This is different from downloading a file from the web, which is private between yourself and the server.

Your friend may have been lucky this didn't happen a year or two ago. I think the MPAA was more likely at that time to attempt litigation (sue) rather than just complain to ISPs. While your friend may not have been directly at fault if another person used the service, he at least would have had some explaining to do.


East Lyme, CT
reply to Craig8
One other thing, it is also my guess that the longer a person actively shares in a torrent that would be flagged by the MPAA/RIAA, the more likely they will get caught. So if your friends account had an active torrent for a copyrighted movie for a year, that would be no surprise he got caught.


Pomfret Center, CT
reply to Craig8
People worry about Google tracking them well your ISP knows EVERYTHING you do on line unless it is encrypted but they still know where it comes and goes from.

MC is in the business to sell you service I don't think they would just cut you off for down loading a few movies. There has to have been some warning or you went way over your cap.

Wafer Pushin' Biatch
Putnam, CT
reply to Craig8
Metrocast will disconnect your service without warning. They actually put you onto a network where no matter what webpage you load it brings you to a metrocast page telling you to call. It's happened to me, quite some time ago. Got up one morning and no internet, pull up my browser and saw that. Called, it was because I had downloaded a tv show from a public torrent site that was being watched.

I wouldn't say that they keep track down to the names of files that you download, more like they watch certain sites for activity, such as the public torrent sites. It may just be they received a cease and desist letter from somewhere and then disconnected the service, but I think they do have a watch plan for certain activities.