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Seattle, WA

[Other] Can't open Hotmail messages HTTP vs. HTTPS?

I was rather unsuccessfully helping a friend with the same issue the other day only to come home and find that my hotmail addresses seem to have the same issue. We can login to our Hotmail (or in her case MSN email box) just fine BUT the messages wont open.

Tried all the usual- rule out infection, reset IE defaults, purge cookies/temp files, try Firefox, Waterfox, and Chrome, upgrade to the latest browser, add pending Windows updates. Also, inspected her email option settings and mine too.

Same result- the messages wont open.

After a little more research and testing today I have found that I am able to login to all my accounts using https and open messages but not with http.

I wouldn't mind using https: all the time except M$ warns me that it might cause issues on my WP7 Hotmail app. So, in that case I don't want to set my global default for https. But now I can't open anything unless I am logged in with https.

What the heck happened? I have 4 hotmail/live accounts and I am pretty sure that I didn't change any settings recently.