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Hazard, KY

windstream, horrible service

Agreed, don't choose windstream.


Monroe, GA

Buyer beware! I live in the middle of a city and windstream was the best bundle by far than the other one available for my area. I read a post by a windstream tech which stated if you live in a rural area it is not cost effective for them to upgrade the equipment. He then says oh that's what you get for living outside of society or something like that with a LOL after it. They don't do anything even in a city unless you constantly complain and well that didn't work either just thought they were. Well I would like that tech to have to use the windstream service I have had for the last 5 months. He wouldn't be LOL at anything. I plan to try one more time to get this resolved. I have over 6 times had tech out to my house, a couple dozen calls to the online tech robots who just say please restart your modem, the next level of tech which is someone you think cares but still doesn't fix it. Then I even called corporate who said they would get a specialist out to my house. HAHAHA! Yep, he didn't fix it either. Said he installed a new something at windstream. Nope! I called and was at the tech robot start all over because they said there was no record of my call or special tech support. I have recorded my DSL speeds at less than half 99% of the time and then even lower the other 1%. If nothing is fixed this time I will ask for all monies paid for installation and service. That's what we do when we are not happy. No more posting on this board it doesn't do a thing!

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