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PPPOE Authentication Failed Error 651

At around 6PM PST internet died, tried on my own to switch to a different router, connect directly via computer but PPPOE connection fails. I need to get only tonight but all they could tell me is there is no Level 2 Support available. What ever happened to DSL Extreme and on site support? I'm trying to get online tonight for work. Ticket (removed)

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Toronto, ON
Some things you can try until you can talk to tech support
there are also some suggestions in the replies not listed in the article itself.


New Castle, PA
reply to frustratedLA
Give this a try and see if it helps.

•Goto Start -> Control Panel -> Internet Options
•Under “Connections” tab, check the box, “Never dial a connection”,
•Click “Apply” and then OK.


Chatsworth, CA

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I brought up that ticket; it looks like there may have been a connectivity issue affecting some customers in a certain area code (yours, specifically) last night, starting around 6-7pm PST and lasting a few hours. Thus far, it looks like all affected users have been able to get back online; I'll have a tech give you a call to make sure you're okay as well.

Update: there is currently an outage on Verizon's network affecting some customers in the same area code (310). This seems to be a separate outage from the one last night, and this one doesn't seem to be affecting your connection, but mentioning because it IS in the same area code (and presumably related).


Thanks Nick, I got your call this morning and can now verify I'm up and running. For future incidents such as this, would it be possible for Tier 1 support to be notified of such issues? Network Status on the support page indicated all was good but I guess the 310 wasn't which covers much of the West side of LA County.

Chatsworth, CA
We do notify all our tech support reps once we have confirmed that there is an outage. The problem in this case was that the Sunday outage was not confirmed by Verizon. Without such confirmation, we generally don't want to assume that just because, say, two or three customers from the same area code are having connection difficulties, that EVERYONE from that area code is having the same difficulty because of a network outage. We posted the notice regarding Sunday because, after receiving an overwhelming number of identical calls from that area code, it became obvious to US that there was an outage, even though Verizon never admitted such... at least until the next day, when Verizon finally admitted that maybe there was a problem in 310 after all!

Note that outages which affect an area code usually don't affect ALL of the customers in that area code, any more than "an outage in California" affects all the users in California. It's quite common to be in an outage area code and yet be unaffected by the outage, depending on exactly where you are and which equipment your circuit is using.