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reply to itguy05

Re: "Wall Street punished us for investing in FIOS."

said by itguy05:

No thank you. I don't want to live in a country where the government can control Internet traffic. Look at Middle Eastern countries where the government can and does block or turn off Internet Access.

Heck, look at the SOPA/PIPA acts and tell me you want the US Government regulating things.

No F-ing way.

Tin-Foil alert. First off, it's a flawed rationale, as if "the government" really wanted to block everything, private or public, it could do it anyway. For example, a government can still block a private road. These are all baseless and paranoid delusions anyway, and using the middle-east to make any point is grasping for straws.

Now back to reality. Personally, I am more concerned that we are being bent over by private monopolistic corporations, who are now colluding to further increase their own profits at our expense.

Moreover, forcing us to put up with these sub-standard products, while giving crap to those "socialist" that are beating us.

Much like roads, I'd rather have the appropriate wholesale model in place, which as aforesaid, allows a multitude of service providers to compete and sell their services over.

The profit-driven private model always fails when it comes to crucial services.


If those "socialists" are beating us it is mostly because they are in a growing economy as opposed to our stagnant one.

In any case, these broad anti-corporation sentiments are just as careless as the pro government as the solution sentiments. I’ve got some news for you --- its all people folks. Governments, corporations, they are all made up of many, many people. They are equally subject to the temptations of power and money (essentially the same thing).

I personally love my fios. It’s the best broadband and TV quality I’ve ever had. It’s a shame that Verizon has abandoned it. And if there is possibility they have colluded with the cable providers then the FCC should take a serious look. But make no mistake, if wall street wasn’t ready to support financing the billions it would take to continue the fios build out then that’s just the facts.