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united state

[PvP] Spriest and Arena (3s)

I have been asked to play SPriest in 3s with a Resto Shaman and Rogue.

Any tips would be great.

I know how to play PvP Disc and PvE Shadow, but have very little experience with Shadow (or a DPS class period) in PvP.

Initial game plan:

Check for latest gear/talent trees so that is covered.
Create focus macros for the CCs. #showtooltip /stopcasting /cast [@focus,exists] Silence;Silence
Keep VT up for enemy healers to dispel.
Mindflay melee going after the resto.
Manaburn healers.
Mindspike/MB burst on low health targets.
Mass Dispel when needed.
Everything will be keybound.
Leap of Faith whomever needs an emergency peel (or if I need the rogue to peel off me and/or cc something next to me)

I use gladius, icicle and omni cc. Both the other players are target/strat callers on our RBG team so I will not be doing that.

What else am I missing?

Also - I have a 1800+ 3s team already, but I am only 1100 on it. Should I use this team or is it better to start a fresh one?


Aurora, CO

I don't play a priest much so I couldn't tell you how to hit arenas as one. Though I will say that unless you are really attached to your current 3's team you might want to start over on a new team so you face lower rated teams until you are comfortable. Or, maybe try out the wargames in 2's and 3's until you get the hang of it.

Matthews, NC
reply to Cake

I'd recommend checking out arenajunkies.com and skill-capped.com. skill-capped has some nice free content but it is a pay site ($5/mo or something). I've never actually paid for it though but might try it someday.


Boston, MA
reply to Cake

prepare to get targeted.


Lansing, MI

When I was doing it we were running Destro Lock/Shammy Heals.

Basically you become targetable then u disperse lol.

You will be the target until you die. Try and live. This is every match. The rogue comp will be worse because you are squishy compared to the healz and the rogue is invis.

DP is spammable when kiting only viable when targets are low.

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BRB Face Melting

reply to Cake

I dabbled in threes for a little. Mostly with a Druid/fMage. Sometimes with Shaman/AffLock

f0rtys3ven is right...you are gonna be the first to go down in every single match...to the point where you will be frustrated as fuck.

Be VERY VERY VERY fast with your defensive cooldowns and peels. Listen to your Rogue and coordinate your dps/crowd controls well and you should be ok...that is if you can survive the initial wave of wtfpwnage coming your way.

Arena as Shadow kinda sucks...the basis of our class doesn't fit well with the flow of arena matches...not saying it's impossible to be good at arena as Shadow, just saying that it's not like being a Frost DK or Frost Mage.

Our ramp up time is too long, and everyone and their brother has a dispell now. Not to mention we aren't very mobile and our CC is marginal at best.
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Mcbrain, Orc Enhancement Shaman, [Oblivious], Arthas

united state

Thanks all-

I'll see if I can hang with shadow.

This should be a good change of pace, the RBG Disc massdispel bot routine is getting old.


Lansing, MI

Dont forget DP spam. SRSLY. Its more of an option than it should be. At least in LK.