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reply to EdmundGerber

Re: Hey Cogeco, 1Mb/sec is not acceptable.

I certainly do not work for Cogeco, although I find the it amusing that my decent ping gives you that impression. As I said, I get superb service here in Hamilton and I have posted my praise on these forums plenty of times. By 'typical hate', I was referring to the general topic of those in this forum, not so much the customer base as a whole. I have plenty of friends on Cogeco who also have stable, solid connections.

My only bawk if any is the download caps, I do dislike the restriction and having to monitor my usage but I find it hard lately to exceed my allowance of 175GB lately. I guess I'm not the hardcore downloader I once was.

I just wanted to point out in my initial response that your speed issues are not typical (atleast in my opinion, based on my own and people I know's experience) to the company. As I said, some other cities may have totally different issues, maybe Hamilton is just a sweet spot. But I certainly do not have any issues with my connection. Here are a few speed tests from previous runs, the dates show the wide spread testing. I try to check my line every so often for kicks. The two slower entries are me testing my line to other servers, and I think are reasonable results.

Gloucester, ON
reply to rodjames

I was here for help, Marcer did his best. I'm saying that they're shit in this area period.


That Chick

Oh I must have missed it, can you please quote me the text where you asked for help?
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