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This is a sub-selection from WPS / Reaver

Bill In Michigan
Royal Oak, MI
·WOW Internet and..

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reply to Shady Bimmer

Re: WPS / Reaver

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E3200 f/w ver 1.0.03 Mar 2012
said by Shady Bimmer:

I have not seen any screenshots of the new firmware or any further discussion on this update so I wouldn't know if this setting now disables WPS, or if a new option was added to disable it. The google docs spreadsheet page doesn't appear to have been updated or make any notes about being able to disable WPS with the latest firmware (IE: that page is out of date)

Here's a screen shot and a revelation...

In that spreadsheet (»docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?k···SSHZEN3c) the E3200 occurs twice, including the latest 1.0.03. Looks like Reaver is STILL cracking it if I read that right - Item 44. Not good.


Minneapolis, MN

E3200 1.0.03 firmware adds two things:
1. Disable/Enable WPS
2. WPS lockdown (when WPS is enabled)

Disabling WPS will stop the Reaver crack.

With WPS lockdown, the router is suppose to lockdown WPS after a certain number of unsuccessful attempts. One person at the Cisco forum claims the lockdown is not working: »homecommunity.cisco.com/t5/Wirel···p/497518


Minneapolis, MN

Shady Bimmer
Northport, NY
·Verizon FiOS
reply to Bill_MI

said by Bill_MI:

Here's a screen shot and a revelation...

Your snapshot looks different that that of Laramar See Profile below and seems to be missing the option that was added to disable WPS. Something seems very odd there.

That spreadsheet, unfortunately, does not make any note of whether or not WPS can be disabled or whether the attempt was made while it was set to 'disabled'. It is difficult to put much weight on a doc only populated by unsubstantiated user feedback, particularly when it is missing a key piece of information. In the forum thread noted by Laramar See Profile below one poster confirms he was instructed how to properly disable WPS, but that when enabled the lockdown is not working. That would seem to hint that you can disable WPS with the new firmware, but it may not be clear how to do so.


Minneapolis, MN

It's the GUI that looks confusing, but when you toggle between 'Manual' and 'Wi-Fi Protected Setup', it will bring up a different page.

To disable WPS, you first have to click on 'Wi-Fi Protected Setup', then click 'Disabled'. Then click on Manual to bring you back to the wireless settings. It took me a couple minutes to figure that out on my e4200 v1.

Cisco should redesign that page. It comes back to how people thought clicking on Manual automatically turned off WPS, but it really does not.



So far, no firmware update for the Linksys E1000..latest firmware dated August 2011.