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[TV] Recording Timers on Rogers Cable

Just wondering if i'm the only one on rogers experiencing the issue of losing timers that we have setup on the pvr. I have been through the 8300 and now the 8642 pvr unit and still seem to lose timers.
It's random but it is starting to look like when you tell a timer to record when it's new and it's not new that week. then the next week your timer is magically not there. Anyone else experiencing anything like this? I have been round and round with rogers on it and no one seems to be able to do anything but offer discounts or free rentals on another hd unit..


Toronto, ON
Mine is even worse. Mine will show programs in the guide as being set to record, but then box may not actually record them. I have the 8300HD.

It is very unreliable.


Kitchener, ON
reply to shawne001
mine added in random shows setup to record. now it's starting to mute a few seconds at random times. i've been through 2 techs and 5 boxes


Scarborough, ON
reply to sstackho
Our box does the exact same thing. The only thing that fixes it is a reboot. You never know when you will have to reboot until you discover a show that was supposed to be recorded is not there. Very frustrating!