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[Speed Problem] DSL Speed has dropped dramatically

Greetings. I have the 6mb dsl package and recently my speeds have dropped. I went from 500 to 600kb/s to under 100kb/s. Ive had this speed package and been at this address for 4 years. I started noticing the speed drop about 2 weeks ago, and its not improved since then.

Ive done all the standard stuff, reset my modem, reset my router, etc. Ive added no new devices to my network, nor have I removed any.

How can I go about getting my line tested to see if theres a problem in my area?

Another thing is a friend of mine has the 3mb dsl package and her speeds have dropped down to what mine are showing as well. We live about a mile and a half apart.
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Stockton, CA

I have the same issue with ATT U-Verse. I believe they throttle our connection and allocate the bandwidth we are paying for to other customers.

I have pay for a 12Mbs connection. Only get 4Mbs and on Mondays it drops to 600kbs. I have called ATT and they do not do anything about it.

I'm strongly considering switching to Comcast.