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Re: Can I block a specific number with Vonage...

They do make a phone that allows you to block a number so when it ring in it will answer it then it drop the call because I have the phone like that and it works the best.

Its called uniden 6.0 dect cell link. »www.uniden.com/bluetooth-phones/···d32802g/


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I know this option will be a pain in the behind, but it is an option.

Google Voice is a free service which allows you to select a "real" google voice phone number.

You get to select any Google voice phone number available and apparently it can have any area code in the United States. The google voice phone number looks like any other US phone number.

(Just and FYI - consider this - if you have a friend that lives in California and you live in North Carolina (for example), get a google voice phone number that is local to California and your friend can call you as a "local" call using such google voice number).

Calls to the Google voice number are forwarded to the number or numbers you provide (such as your Vontage number).

Google voice asks the caller to say something (i.e. their Name) and then announces the call and gives you the option to talk or not.

In any event, Google voice makes it VERY easy to block callers so the unwanted calls only get to you once and you don't even have to answer that call.

Of course, people can still call your direct number if they know it but you will know right away it is not a google voice call and hang up if you wish.

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The biggest problem with your Google Voice example is that it in no way actually blocks the call. Your phone still rings and wakes you up at 03:00 AM even for a caller that you would rather not talk to at any time, and certainly not at 03:00 AM.

Perhaps Google Voice really does have a true call blocking feature (I have not investigated it because I do not want to have any business dealings with Google), but the example you presented is in no way a call blocking feature.

Hint: With true call blocking, your phone should not ring.
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Well, a call can get through once . . . then you can block it. I suspect one has to let a first call get through with any call block feature.

Google logs every call it handles, just like Vontage, and one of the options for each call is to block that number. That call will not get through again nor will it ring your phone.

Here is a screen shot of the call blocking service.

Google plays the "Not in Service" message ("We're sorry. The number you have dialed . . .") - the call will not be forwarded to your phone, thus, your phone will not ring.

Note that you can access your Google Voice message on Google and the phone Google Voice forwards your calls to and Google sends you an e-mail with the audio file and text (if it can transcribe the voice message).