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K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL
reply to djtim21

Re: Tablet Reviews!

said by djtim21:

Manufacturer: Asus
Model: eeE Pad (Transformer)
Model Number: TF101
Screen Size: 10.1"
Cons: Issues with ICS release related to applications not working correctly. Issues with applications restarting/rebooting/draining batteries due to ICS. Unable to move applications to SD card, so there is a limit to apps on this tablet.

I have found few problem with ICS... though do see occasional reboots, but only when it is sleeping not while operating.
They also just released a new update to deal with some of this.
That apps need to be updated is a common thing even with iPhones too for OS ugrades.... takes a little while though. Typically I have about 5 Apps a day since ICS to be updated.

I don't get your SD comment at all though. Maybe not built into ICS but plenty of apps that will move things to SD, but there really is no limit to app space on the Transformer but the 16GB (or possibly 32 depending on model). Currently I have nearly 3GB of apps on my 16GB. VS Android Gingerbread phone that has only a fixed app space of about 256MB no matter how big a SD card.

Also mine has a 32GB ext micro SD card and most big downloads get moved there immediately.

I too like the HDMI port, and use it now and then to send streamed Netflix and other sources to my DVD burner as well as TV.

And as with the dock the batteries last all day. In fact only after hours do I see the Tab say less than 100% as the dock battery is used first.

Which is nice because if you undock, you still likely have a full battery.

In fact lately I even use the USB ports to recharge my starting to fail iPod Touch battery, which it does pretty quickly and barely makes any noticeable difference in the Transformers time.