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Phillip M Dampier

Rochester, NY
reply to FFH

Re: Comcast makes good point;though it is a narrow technical one

Nope... it uses the same last mile network Comcast says is vulnerable to congestion from "heavy users." Data is data... the only difference is how Comcast decides to treat it... as the plentiful resource it actually is or endangered by a data tsunami that forces them to charge more for less service.

When Comcast puts their mind to it, they can magically create an infinite pipeline for favored content, but the Internet they have been selling at enormous profits for a decade is constrained by a small percentage of "heavy users" they have to limit and throttle.

Ironic, isn't it?

'It's not on the Internet because it just isn't' does nothing to answer why there is a 250GB cap on broadband and no cap on this.
Phillip M. Dampier
Editor, Stop the Cap!


Toledo, OH

and be glad that they don't boot those heavy users right away.

And again; its Comcast's network; their content; they can put it in their private network as they see fit. They don't care about something of Netflix or Youtube and shouldn't. It's NOT their product. The same as with Vonage. It does NOT get QOS it's a regular Internet product and thus treated as that.

But what we do not know is if Comcast has some device from Microsoft to allow for this to happen and stay on the Network.


reply to Dampier

Exactly. It's all about the last-mile, and this goes totally against that.

The weird part is that the 250GB cap doesn't affect even heavy Netflix or Amazon users, or users of DirecTV's VOD, as they just wouldn't get anywhere near it, so it's not really protecting their own VOD. They also don't seem to enforce it evenly, even though they finally did give a number.

They must be foreseeing the day when there is a full OTT option, although snuffing out a competitor, while it is helpful to them, DirecTV and Dish still have DBS systems, other cable companies still overbuild them, and AT&T and Verizon still have their systems. And triple play bundles still cement their dominance over piecing services together, at least until everyone finally dumps their landlines.

Cat god

Riverside, NJ

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reply to Dampier

Technically the 250 GB cap and the network congestion management are completely separate. It's possible to reach the 250 GB cap without ever triggering the network management and it's possible to trigger the network management without being anywhere near the 250 GB cap.

Comcast said that the XBox 360 video service won't count towards the cap, but no where did they state that it will be exempt from the network congestion management.
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If they are claiming they are separate, then the 250GB cap has no legitimate reason to exist. I call for FCC investigation.

@InvalidError: Can the modems do multicast? That is an interesting point, although it doesn't sound like it is true. For VOD, however, it's all unicast.