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Jaws Incorporated

Woodside, NY

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How to forward a port w/Extreme Router?

Just got the 30 Mb extreme and i cant believe i'm actually praising TWC on anything ever but it works great. 30Mb strong. Every port that i'm trying seems to be closed. Trying random ones. I know that you cant log into the TWC router but is there any way to forward just 1 port or is there any ports that are always open in the TWC router that i can use? Has anyone found a way to do it?

I have a router so i can bridge it but when i tried last night i couldn't get the port to open when i forwarded it using my router. Also, I was only getting about half the speed on my router for some reason. Dont know why...

Any advice or info would be great

Edit: Figured out why the speed was half with my old router. Its a g, not an n. So i dont really want to use that one. Is there a way to access the Ubee DDW3611 wireless settings. How do I get the password to log in?