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[BC] Login page is served on WAN IP (ActionTEC) !!

I just happened to notice the other day...
I can reach my ActionTec router login page via the WAN IP (removed) (as well as the LAN IP » ).

I tested this from a 3G phone, then from my work PC but could NOT reach the WAN side login page (thankfully).
Probably because Telus blocks port 80 servers for residential accounts. But I'm curious where that block happens, and if other Telus customers could possibly see my router's login page on the WAN side. (removed)

It makes no sense that the ActionTec is showing a login page on this address. (does it)? Most routers have "WAN admin" option turned off by default.

Vancouver, BC
It is not available on the External WAN IP address, except from the actual network behind the device.
The more I C, the less I see.


Awesome, thanks for the confirmation. It still doesn't make sense to me why the device bothers to reply with any response on the WAN IP, but I guess they consider it convenient or something... Personally I find it unsettling. maybe I'm too paranoid.

If it only responds to the internal network, the internal network devices should use the internal IP to access it anyway, no?
I just don't get the logical scenario where they enable WAN login for internal devices.