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Kearney, NE

New billing idea

How about we turn the cable market upside down and change the billing entirely. Obviously investors would not like this, but it would be fairest way to do it.

Cables companies should charge $15 - 20 per month plus an additional $0.15 per GB. Give users unlimited data, but make them pay for it. This is how electric and gas bills are....why should the internet be any different.

With this sort of model there would be a lot of people who would pay considerably less, I being one of them.


Laveen, AZ
Very naive. While they will entertain the idea of per GB charges, they will not lower the base rate. Check the history on unlimted data from AT&T. $30/month for the iPhone plan, and today, it is $30 for 3 GB. If you think the pricing is going to, in any way, benefit the consumer, you are living in a dream world.


Kearney, NE
I agree with you, its not going to happen, but it is the only fair way. On as side note, I thought AT&T did offer a budget $15-20 plan last year or the year before, it only had 1GB cap I believe.

Also there is potential that the wireless industry could change this year when shared data is introduced. I think it would be wiser for Verizon to offer cheaper shared plans, this would likely increase the number of non-phone devices with 3G/4G which they could charge an additional access fee on.

How many users with iPads would like to be able to use 3G/4G, but are deterred by the $30/month charge...what if that was only $10 - 15....they would have thousands of more customers simply because of a slight price drop.


Des Plaines, IL
reply to daake07
then replace the $15 - 20 per month with a line fee (comes with basic cable) or as part of a cable tv package so you can add internet for as low $0.XX pre GB (maybe have a min level of data say 5-10GB with roll over)