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Triple Helix
Troll Hunter
Oshawa, ON
·Rogers Hi-Speed

[Paid] Webroot SecureAnywhere v8.0.1.161

Change log:

154 -> 161
- Properly back out the installation if installed silently to an unsupported OS
- Improved cleaning of root files
- Added cleanup logic for a specific flavor of rootkit
- Kill Sync process if it gets abandoned to prevent zombie processes
- Improve IE cookie cleaning as much as can be done within Microsoft limitations
- Improved handling of system file journaling
- Stop trying to scan our own updates while being updated by the update that's updating us (Updates will work faster now)
- Added some logic for unnecessary-to-scan files
- Avoid archive bombs
- Fixed a rare crash when firewall times out
- Fixed an over-protective situation in ID Shield adding odd apps as protected
- Fixed cosmetic issue with On-Upgrade introduction text
- Fixed an issue if the agent tries to journal itself
- Improved MBR-Scanning on Windows SBS 2011
- Fixed issue with ADS streams and Spool drivers
- Numerous Windows 8 improvements
- Numerous Cleanup improvements, especially related to system files and rootkits
- Fixed a self-monitoring issue in Bootcamp on a Mac
- Added logic to avoid having IE panic if the cleanup is interrupted
- Improved self-protection in some circumstances
- Applied a workaround to Sync causing the OS to deadlock
- Improved cleanup of Run/Search data in System Cleaner
- Improves cleanup reliability in odd cases
- Improved compatibility with numerous applications
- Added logging of the specific process name when an active file infector is found
- Numerous substantial Enterprise Agent improvements and additional capabilities
- Fixed an issue causing the OS to complain about opening HTML pages when WSA is installed
- Worked around issues with some broken ASUS drivers
- Added additional self-healing capabilities
- Corrected an issue that delayed the shutdown of the agent (This corrects numerous symptoms)
- Worked around an issue that would cause an infinite scan state
- Panda is not infected with Virut, despite looking like it is
- No longer occasionally ask the user to create their account if they already created their account

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