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Brooklyn, NY
reply to etaadmin

Re: Expecting defections?

said by etaadmin:

I wonder the timing of this, is AT&T expecting mass defections to other carriers? The 'benefit' of being a long time customer is just smoke and mirrors with no real value.

Well, they could see significant defections on the iPhone front. Remember, iPhone 4 was the last one exclusive to AT&T (Verizon version came more than half a year later). The contracts of those who have them should be expiring starting this coming June, leaving them to depart for competition. With rumors so far pointing towards the next iPhone coming out this fall and most likely it being LTE, I do see quite a few defections towards Verizon whose LTE is far ahead of AT&T's. I would be one of such defectors.

As far as pissed off 3GS users, I believe most of them have already departed for either Verizon or Sprint.
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