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Modem Upgrade

I've been thinking about upgrading my modem from a ARRIS TM602G Telephony Modem which metrocast gave me when I signed up for service, too a Arris Touchstone® TM722A DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem.

My main reason for doing soo would be because the modem I'm interested in upgrading too supports Docsis 3.0.

Here is a speedtest I recently took.

I have a few questions before doing soo tho. First off I know I'm not going too see a speed increase if I upgrade my modem due too the fact I'm capped at 25/2, but my connection tends too fluctuate alot during peak hours. Will the upgraded modem give me a more steady bandwith rate and possibly decrease latency a little?

My second question is if I went and bought this new modem could I hook it up myself and would I have too call metrocast and let them know before doing soo?

Too sum it up I don't want too spend money on something that isn't going too improve my connection at all. I'm not expecting major change, but if it even provides minor changes then the buy is worth it too me.

Any feedback you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Lexington Park, MD
·Metrocast Commun..
It looks like your current modem is working fine. You can't get any better than what your posted speed test shows. Having a DOCSIS 3.0 wouldn't hurt. I've had a DOCSIS 3.0 for over a year but I can tell you that doesn't guarantee solid speeds throughout the day and evening.

To answer your second question, yes, you can hook up a new modem yourself, call Tech Support and give them your new modems MAC Address and they will activate it over the phone. Beware, once you start using your own modem Metrocast can and will charge you for any service calls they make to your house if they determine the issue is with your modem.