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Queens, NY

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Re: Here's the law

said by Jack_in_VA:

There are no studies on cumulative long term exposures, there are not even guidelines by FCC on long -term exposures. How can the FCC expose us for 10-20 years our however you live in your house 24/7 without looking at this more thoroughly ?
Not factual at all.

Agreed, 100%. There are a myriad of studies of long-term exposure to radio-waves of all frequencies and strengths. One merely has to go back to the first page in this thread to see links I posted to World Health Organization and International Agency for Research on Cancer conclusions on such studies:
»Re: how close can a cell tower be to a house?

Panic, superstition and repeating old-wives tales seems to take hold with anything that is invisible and not easily understood by those who had little interest or education in science. (Like sitting too close to the television; or the hideous dangers of radiation from microwave ovens.) Simply mention the word 'radiation' and it conjures up images of horrible burns and cancers from Hiroshima. The two types of 'radiation'; ionizing (Nuclear bombs, x-rays, gamma rays) and non-ionizing (radio-waves) have little to nothing to do with each other.

Terri, your kids have much more chance of getting cancer from the ionizing radiation of the sun; then they do from a tiny radio transmitter on the side of your house. If you are so concerned and misinformed, please start dressing them in burka's and sunglasses. This way they will be only slightly safer from getting cancer (from the sun). The fact is, they are exposed to the very same electro-magnetic waves coming from the hidden wiring in your home's walls; and the endless radio-waves that have existed all around us since the big-bang. They have much more a chance of getting cancer from the ionizing radiation given off by the concrete streets they walk on and the bricks in your house, than they do from a wireless meter.