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Warwick, RI
reply to skeechan

Re: I'll vote with my feet

said by skeechan:

said by Cox :

DirecTV, VOIPO and DSL Extreme would be more than willing to take my money. And DSLx in my area offers 6Mb service via AT&T for $20/mo and from my understanding isn't subject to AT&T's caps. With a 6Mb sync actual throughput may be in the low 5Mb range? Good enough for Netflix, Hulu and Crunchyroll...

Just keep in mind in AT&T service areas you can NOT get dry loop (stand alone) DSL Extreme service. You will have to get a minimal AT&T local phone plan with that. Also even though they OFFER 6 Mb in your area your line must be able to support it. Your neighbor may get it fine but you could be on a long loop and only get 2 or 3 depending your line / distance from CO.

Ai Otsukaholic
·Clear Wireless
·Cox HSI
·Verizon FiOS

I'm close to the RT and AT&T basic phone service even with taxes is cheap. Both combined are still cheaper than a low tier HSI alone from Cox and while my phone service from Cox was originally pretty cheap back in 1999 when I got it, it is now $40/mo with no calling plan (I pay .15/min for in state LD calls, ouch) and just basic features like Caller ID. So I could use a featureless AT&T POTS for my house alarm and HO fax machine and VOIPo for everything else and still come out way ahead.

My point is I could EASILY continue on my way without Cox for less than the $210 I'm paying and so could just about everyone else. Cox at least in my area doesn't have really good triple play deals like TWC does, where you can get $70-$90 for a year or more. Any promos here are only 3 month intro offers and even then the deals aren't very good.