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Cleveland, OH
reply to EvelKub

Re: A 10 GB cap? What a joke.

said by EvelKub:

Consider how many towers must be installed in rural areas for this to work... The cost for the tower, antennas, cabinets, land, the cost for electricity, fiber runs and maintenance...

Now consider the number of people which will be served by each tower, which won't cover more than a 50 mile area. Each will likely opt for the lower package, as this is considered a luxury to most country-folk.

How long of a time-frame is okay in your mind for them to take to recover their initial investments?

Given much smaller WISPs are able to deploy wireless service to rural users on much smaller economies of scale and must rent bandwidth from Verizon, I think Verizon's costs aren't nearly as high you seem to believe.

If there are so few users, then congestion shouldn't be a problem. And if cost were high, they would simply raise the base price, not duplicitously trick users into paying massive overages when they accidentally go over their cap. Most of those rural folks don't even know what a "GB" is.