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Cleveland, OH
reply to iFail 5G

Re: A 10 GB cap? What a joke.

said by iFail 5G:

said by sonicmerlin:

said by iFail 5G:

Its a deal breaker for me not being able to take my boats out anytime I want, being able to ride my ATV wherever the hell I want, and depending on the gov. for every single thing. If the city water supply gets contaminated which has happened before, I still have sanitary, clean, well water.

You realize your lifestyle is subsidized by federal tax money taken from the cities? Rural states are like black holes when it comes to tax money. Their economies feed on the trough of the military industrial complex and give nothing in return.

Oh well, I make up for it with my income and my house in the city. My lifestyle out there is fantastic, especially the part about my redneck neighbor's with brand new Escalades and Silverado HD's that get 12MPG, and my Malibu boat that gets more of 5MPG. My blackhole of a community is very nice.

Yes... I know it is. But none of it would be possible without the cross subsidies that mostly blue states end up paying for rural states. The only exception is Texas. It's the only red state that actually provides more money in federal taxes to the government than it receives. IIRC California loses the most tax money to the government of all US states.