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Saint Johns, MI
reply to elray

Re: Not for video streaming. Any questions?

said by elray:

The world will not come to an end if you can't watch Netflix HD.

Those who live in fringe areas can still get their DVDs by mail, or order satellite service.

And if all the ISPs that served your area changed their plans to match the prices and caps of HomeFusion? Would you accept that without complaint? Obviously, this is an unlikely scenario (for the time being), but for the sake of perspective, perhaps you should entertain the notion for a bit. I grow weary of all this "Rural folk should move to town or stop complaining about internet" stuff. We're not hillbillies sitting on stumps with grass in our teeth. We want the same technology that others enjoy. If we don't sound off about it, we'll never get it. The squeaky hinge...
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