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Tuscaloosa, AL

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Re: Own your own equipment

Precisely. When the tornado came through Tuscaloosa last year, several thousand homes and businesses were either damaged or destroyed, and, while many folks got relatively quick settlements, many didn't, and I believe some still haven't. There were even stories of houses being completely destroyed, with maybe one wall left standing, and, since that one wall was still there, the insurance company said no, the house wasn't a total loss. It's even put some home and business owners at odds with the city, which wants to get these partial structures and piles of rubble cleared because they are potentially dangerous and a breeding ground for rats and snakes. However, the owners are afraid that, if everything is cleared, the evidence they need in a potential lawsuit against the insurance companies will be gone. So they wait, and, without a settlement, they can't start rebuilding, and they're forced to rent housing somewhere else. And, if they have a mortgage, the bank is still going to expect payment, so they're now paying rent and paying on a mortgage for a home that doesn't exist anymore.