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How to test Alexor IP and GSM to make sure it works?Fixed

I am about to sign up for alarm monitoring service after having system as stand alone for the last 2 years. All the bugs been worked out and it works great but I might have a problem.

On DSC Alexor light for cellular is off. I used to always have green light on 3 bars which is minimum signal needed to monitor alarm. At&t says signal here is excellent. Also when connecting cat 5 to router it's not seeing by the router. I verified the cable is a good cable. So any clue on how I can possible test the system before signing up for service? I am kind of want to avoid buying $60 external antenna just to find out the cellular modem is dead.

I gotten great help here before so hopping someone know how this can be done


Fixed: Unplugged from wall, unplugged battery, replugged the battery and wall and everything working now.