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Xm 60's On 6 Freak
Morganton, NC
reply to Mele20

Re: bad PR

said by Mele20:

said by sonicmerlin:

said by AVD:

how stupid, so much bad publicity for revenue of a few Thousand dollars.

They don't care because no one can leave. No one competes with them.

What I don't get is where is the franchiser in this? It is the responsibility of the franchiser to stop such shenanigans.

With the right to be a monopoly comes certain responsibilities and it is the job of the franchiser to make sure those responsibilities are taken seriously.

Actually Most cable systems are a monopoly only because nobody wants to overbuild. They are not like electric and POTS phone companies who have true monopolies and are monitored by state PUC's. The franchiser (city or county) CAN grant overbuild rights to another cable company, but in most places nobody is interested, as they say there is not a sufficient market to support overbuilding.
In my area, two of the three largest towns in the county had overbuilding by a new company that built out the entire county except for the largest town. All three towns were served by TCI (remember them?). After TCI lost the franchise in the largest town to a municipal built system, they eventually pulled out of the other two towns, and the county wide system was eventually bought by Charter. Since then there has been no overbuilding here, actually not even any interest in it by anyone.
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