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Re: bad PR

Please show me on a franchise agreement where "compassion" is part of the terms? In a contract there isn't a lot left to grey areas.. it's usually black and white. You can continue to view things in an emotional way but when it comes to franchises it's all about the black and white - that is the extent of their reach. Do you understand what contracts are? I find it ironic you call me ignorant when you yourself have no understanding of what you speak of.

You're in Hawaii and things certainly are different there. Other than being a state in the U.S. there doesn't seem to be much other in common with the rest of the country. (For example, name another state that charges non-residents different taxes or rates than residents.) You also live on an island.. a real island, and not an island like Manhattan. With that said, in the state I live in, which is one of the tornado alley states, renters insurance here covers content in case of "acts of god".. that's more than half of why you have covrerage.

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this thread is only about discussions from a PR not legal standpoint.

Hilo, HI
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said by fiberguy:

Please show me on a franchise agreement where "compassion" is part of the terms?

Who said anything about the actual terms in legalese of the franchise agreement? I'm referring to good or bad PR and how the consumer does have weight to bring to the table. In Hawaii, if Oceanic TWC were to pull something like this...well, I would be shocked if they tried because they know damn well that you don't do this crap in this state. Oceanic was a locally grown and owned cable company for many, many years (and much loved) until TWC purchased them and, yeah, I guess things are different here. Note the official name is OCEANIC TWC. TWC corporate, idiots that they are, tried to force the removal of "Oceanic" from the official name of the company. That went over with Oceanic, and the general public, like a lead balloon. Oceanic got to keep "Oceanic" in the offical name and we are the sole exception of all TWC franchises/divisions in this regard.

If Oceanic tried this after a major natural disaster, not only would the media be all over it quickly but consumers would file formal complaints with the Dept of Commerce and Consumer Affairs under which cable TV division resides and the consumers would also file formal complaints against Oceanic with the state of Hawaii Office of Consumer Affairs. There would be investigations by both departments, hearings, etc. This is a pro consumer state unlike many on the Mainland. Businesses that forget about the concept of Aloha don't last long here.
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