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reply to runner77

Re: [TWC] Dallas/Ft Worth Metro Vol II -- Time Warner

said by runner77:

Anyone know if it's worth the headache to swap out my DCX3400 with the newer DCX3510 box? Any idea what I would gain? Larger hard drive?

»www.motorola.com/Video-Solutions ··· -M-US-EN

Motorola continues to expand its industry-leading set-top portfolio with the DCX3510-M, an all-digital HD Digital Video Recorder with dual 1 GHz video tuners and support for both MPE G-2 and MPE G-4 HD decode. The DCX3510-M includes the latest audio and video output, with support for full 1080p60 high-definition output, HDMI™, award-winning Dolby® Digital Plus, and Dolby Volume intelligent multi-channel audio leveling. In addition, the DCX3510-M features an internal 500 GB hard drive, which can be expanded to 1 TB or more using an external disk drive connected to the set-tops eSATA interface. The DCX3510-M is OpenCable Application Platform (OCAP)-capable, and compatible with Motorolas DCT legacy software API set. The DCX3510-M also supports Motorolas new software enhancements for processing 3D video and graphics in the set-top prior to being delivered to a 3D-compatible television for an exceptional high-quality 3D TV viewing experience.

M-Cardâ„¢ (Multi-stream CableCAR Dâ„¢) support for Conditional Access
OpenCable Application Platform (OCAP ™) – capable
Compatible with Motorola DCT/DCH legacy software AP I set
Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with dual 1 GHz digital video tuners
Additional 1 GHz DOCSIS® tuner
Standard 500 GB hard drive
Standard MoCA integrated home networking interface
High-definition (HDTV) decode of MPE G-2 and MPE G-4 AVC (H.264) with 1080p60 HDMI output
Dolby® Digital and Dolby Digital Plus audio decode
Dolby Volume intelligent multi-channel audio leveling
DOCSIS 2.0+ embedded cable modem with support for DSG and downstream channel bonding (3 down, 1 up)
SCTE 55-1/SCTE 55-2 outof-band
64 MB Flash, 512 MB DRA M
Remote and on-screen diagnostics
Switched Digital Video (SDV)-capable
Accelerated 2D and 3D graphics


Frisco, TX
Doesn't TWC disable the ports on the back of all their cable boxes? That would be nice to hookup one of my old HDs to it.


Arlington, TX
·Time Warner Cable
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KAZD looks to going HD soon! though the channel number is still TBA.

I was thinking that we might be getting a local OTA HD channels soon but it was not KAZD that I had in mind it was KTXD as they have their main channel in 16:9 1080i with sidebars OTA. I wonder what they are going to do OTA drop the sub channels and broadcast 1 single HD channel or drop 2 SD subchannels and have a .1 , .2 , and .3 subchannels?

I am going to assume that channel 399 is where it will end up in Dallas and channel 726 in Greenville maybe with Galavision HD moving to 812 in Greenville?


Arlington, TX
·Time Warner Cable
channel 800 has been added it is MLB Network's strike zone HD which has highlights similar to NFL Redzone and only shows programming on tuesday and friday nights.

it is in the sports pass/HD sports pass/all access tv tiers

it is SDV and 720p.