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[Wired] Linksys E3200 upload speeds


I just bought a Linksys E3200 router,do to a Dlink Dir-825 fail.
Everything is ok except for a upload speeds through the router.

Windstream is my ISP,and never really had any problems with them.

Now when i run a speed test i am only getting 0.50 mbps and my upload speed should be around 0.65 mbps.Yes this is slow,so that's why i need every bit of my upload speed.The only thing i had done was installed this router,so that is what is leading me to believe that my settings are wrong are there is a problem within the router itself.

Here are some basic settings i have applied:

MTU:1492....this is a PPPOE connection

The Upload is not set to auto but i have it set to 768kbps

The ipv4/6 fire wall disabled

Yes i have reserved DHCP IP

I also believe i have the latest firmware something like

I read some other forums and seen people were have the same issues on the linksys E3200/E4200.Any help woul be greatly appreciated


hi, i have the same router and had the same issue

it's the qos. change the 'Upstream Bandwidth' setting from auto (default) to manual (whatever actual bandwidth you have now)