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fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
reply to Skippy25

Re: Not quite how it works...

said by Skippy25:

said by fifty nine:

Most home users really don't need more than about 10Mbps anyway.

Can we fix this and say "fifty nine doesnt really need more than about 10Mbps anyway"?

That would be the correct way to post your personal need instead of trying to state fact for the greater population of internet users.

Or if you want to state your opinion for the world, then begin it with In my opinion.....

No, most home users don't need more than 10Mbps today. This doesn't represent tech geeks on DSLR who "need" gigabit connections.

The most popular cable package here is 10Mbps. The cable co offers up to 100. Most people choose 10 or lower. Why? It's not worth the money. Sure if we were all getting gigabit for $40/month most people would get it, provided the lower packages weren't much less.

For most people, "internet" means facebook, e-mail, websurfing and netflix. You can even do that on a 5Mbps connection.

My own home connection is 50Mbps btw, I have a gigabit connection at work and I really don't notice the difference unless I'm transferring large files which doesn't happen often.


It sounds like your cable franchise is Comcast, and speed is indeed largely irrelevant when usage is capped. But that's not real internet service.


reply to fifty nine
Heh, Comcast doesn't offer 10Mbps in DC anymore. I think they start at either 12Mbps or 16Mbps... I think the previous poster responding to you was correct.

netbus developer
Brighton, MA
reply to fifty nine
the internet wasn't built for "most people". it was built for engineers, by engineers.