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Naperville, IL
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Re: The Network Port on the back of the Ultra TV Players

The media players use MoCA, and the signal comes from the gateway. MoCA operates around 1200mhz.

As MoCA works differently than traditional cable television wiring architectures, time must be taken to understand the differences between the two. The basic components of the home network include cable, splitters & amplifiers.

Traditional home wiring cable loss
Cable loss RG-6 (@100 feet)
1.0dBmv @30 MHz
1.5dBmv @55 MHz
5.5dBmv @750MHz

MoCA home wiring cable loss
Cable loss RG-6 (@100 feet)
7.0dBmv @ 1.2GHz

Splitter loss up to 1 GHz
Two Way - 2x 3.5dBmv
Three Way - 1x 3.5dBmv & 2x 7.0dBmv
Four Way - 4x 7.0dBmv
Eight Way - 8x 11.0dBmv

Splitter loss at 1.2 GHz
Two Way - about 6dBmv @ 1.2 GHz
Three Way - about 10dBmv @ 1.2 GHz
Four Way - about 10dBmv @ 1.2 GHz
Eight Way - about 14dBmv @ 1.2 GHz

Traditional house amplifiers don't pass MoCA frequencies well if at all in the reverse path, however, do pass the MoCA band reasonably well on the forward path even though the upper band limit indicates a pass band up to 1000MHz.

All MoCA traffic is between a media gateway and up to five media players. In general, the maximum cable distance supported between the media gateway and the media players is about 150 feet or 10dBmv of cable and the maximum splitter attenuation permitted is about 30dBmv or a total link loss of 40dBmV between the media gateway and media players.
Dan Della Terza
WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone
Network Operations Center