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Bless you Howie
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Re: [Rant] Excessive ass kissing.

I think companies ARE reacting to years of complaints about lack of customer service.

When you go from one department or area of the store to another, the person for that area won't know you've been asked already.

It's better to get too much help rather than be treated like a sewer rat...
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said by battleop:

Am I the only one that is annoyed by excessive ass kissing when you go to a place of business?

Last week I went to SunTrust bank with my wife to setup an account. During our visit at least 9 employees went out of their way to interrupt my wife and I just to say "Welcome!"

Today I was at Home Depot and the same thing is going on. Every time you see an orange apron they have to go out of their way to Welcome you. You can't even make it to the department you are going to without being asked if you need help.

I do like a friendly greeting by the greeter at the door but some places are overdoing it. If anything wait until I slow down and start looking before offering help. If I am moving at a fast pace then I must know where I am going.

Would you change your shopping habits if you were not greeted like this or would you just not care one way or another? Personally I would prefer to not be pestered.

Edit: Fixed subject from Rave to Rant.


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That is one of my many pet peeve, ass kissers - why in the hell would someone sink that low
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