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El Paso, TX
reply to FFH

Re: Why?

said by FFH:

I have a question - Why? What do you need all that bandwidth for. In the forum it is mentioned that everything being watched on TV is recorded. It seems like a lot of money unless you are running a business.

Short answer: Because he can.
Long one:
If technology comes within reach, there's people that will get it.

It's the same reason people buy $500+ videocards (even though there's like no games to take advantage of it) and the same reason people buy sports cars.

The one area people are very limited to what they can get even though the technology is there is speedy internet connections.
If people could buy a 10g fiber connection in the same way they can spend 2000 dollars on quad video cards they would do it.

But of course as it turns out, we're at the mercy of ISP's because they're the ones with permission to run cables outside your house.

Questions like yours always remind me of how limited people's imagination actually is.
If you wonder things like: "what would he do with so much speed!" you have to remember that just because YOU can't think of an application, it doesn't mean there'd be a lot of applications for it.

And the only reason that applications like that don't exist yet is because we don't have those speeds.